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The Retreat, Market Harborough, Beauty Therapy, Ladies and Gentleman's Salon. 01858 434069.

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The skin is like a mirror reflecting our general state of health. Decleor believes in using the power of aromatherapy and the energy of essential oils to enhance your natural beauty.

Decleor has created a unique Duo-concept which is unlike anything else you have experienced.

Step 1: Morning Ritual Use aroma oil followed by the application of your day cream to infuse your skins ultra long lasting radiance.

Step 2: Night Care Use aroma night balm with its unforgettable silky texture to ensure you wake up to a new beauty every morning.


Why Oils and Balms?

Sometimes beauty products and their philosophy can be complicated and hard to choose.

Lets keep it simple………. think of your skin like a sponge cake with icing.

The icing is the skin we see (the Epidermis). To keep this soft, supple, smooth and looking at its best we apply moisturiser.

The sponge is your layer of skin where all the important function happen and often where all the problems lie (the dermis).

Moisturiser do not work on the Dermis, this is why you need to use Oil and a Balm. They both penetrate through the Icing, (the Epidermis) where the moisturiser can’t, and work on treating the functions of the skin. Working from the inside out!

So if you only ever use a moisturiser you are only maintaining what we see and not treating what is yet to come!

At The Retreat we stock the full range of face and body products, with face moisturiser starting from £21.50 making this suitable for all ages and purses.

Our reception has a dedicated team to assist you, whether you’re coming into browse, or wanting to book a free consultation.

For those of you that are short of time we are happy to guide you through a consultation over the phone with one of our trained Decleor therapists and post products out to you for your convenience

For more information on the full range of Decleor visit:


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